Pursue your healing

Mark 3:10 NKJV For He healed many, so that as many as had afflictions pressed about Him to touch Him. Jesus healed those who reached out and pressed into Him for their healing! The leper, the women with the issue of blood and blind Bartimaeus. They recognised that the Lord was willing, compassionate and ready to heal them. Healing can be pursued and must be pursued. We need to recognise the physical need and pray and seek the power of the Holy Spirit to heal us. Knowing it’s not our power, it’s the Lord’s virtue. It’s God’s goodness that flows from the Lord Himself! So, if you know the Lord and you are His son or daughter then healing is the children’s bread (yours). It belongs to you and me. We need to receive it and walk in it. We don’t have to attain it with our mental ability or stress, we just go to the Lord and receive it from Him, our maker! Knowing He is willing and it is His desire to make us whole. This is...

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Dream Again…

The last two years have been more than challenging. Pain can keep the real you down. It did it to me. The pain made me shut down. It silenced me. But God reminded me today “Dream Again” It’s a scary thing to know that God’s dreams for you can go unfulfilled if you choose so. You can sit still and let life pass by, or you can pick up your sword and fight the good fight. This day I said I will dream again. The life of Elijah has been speaking to me more and more these past two years. In him I see a promise and purpose for his life, and in him I also see pain silencing the dream. Pain that made him give up half way through. Three years he lived, first by the brook Cherith until it dried up, then by the meagre savings of a widow. What if he gave up when the brook dried up? What if he gave up when the rain didn’t come? Three years is a long time to live through a famine, but in...

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When We Get That “Plan B” itch

No wonder Sarah thought of plan B.   She got frustrated waiting for plan A. But we all know how that turned out; yes God was faithful and made sure His plan A did come to pass, but Sarah, she had to deal with the results of her own Plan B; something none of us want in our lives; an Ishmael. So what do we do when we feel that “Plan B” itch?  When the breakthrough has been on its way for far too long. We do what Hannah did: “ she continued praying before the Lord” (1 Samuel 1:12) The bible tells us that each year she kept going up to worship the Lord with her husband and her provoker, Penninah by her side, and of course Peninnah’s many sons and daughters. When you think of Peninnah’s many sons and daughters, you realize that Hannah’s wait wasn’t just one or two years; it was many. And yet, for many years she persisted. She didn’t give up. All breakthroughs are good. But a breakthrough on our own terms and our own...

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The vision and call of Prophetic Voice is to see the hearts of the people turned back to their God. Every one of us is created and called by God to hear from Him and to live in constant communion with Him.

You may be the most disappointed person ready to give up this very moment, but we are here to tell you that God has a plan and a purpose for your life. You are no

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New Beginnings Church

“He makes all things new”

New Beginnings Church was born on April 15th 2012. The Lord has since led us to speak into the hearts of many.

Our Vision:

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Prophetic Voice

God Knows you…..and He wants you to know Him today. Its never too late to know Jesus, He’s all you need…… Your every disappointment in life is God’s appointment to meet you..

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