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A time of spiritual warfare, carnal Christians cannot win these wars but only a spirit filled child of God becomes a weapon in the hands of Almighty God empowered in wisdom, meekness, love and gentleness of Christ to win these wars. Read: 1 Corinthians 10:5

Carnality should be crucified in 2012, we need the real stuff and real power that in the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!


Get rid of the fake make believe stuff; get into the fire of God, with Raw power which will convict the body of Christ to take over cities.

Territories will open up strategically for each believer to possess the land; this will be revealed on close watch and encounters with the Lord!

The Spirit of God says get back to the basics! God is your security, consume the word, fuel your spirit and the Holy Spirit will ignite you, many started well last year but have gone Cold!

God will deal with the sin issue in a very personal way; it’s a time of great deliverance for those who really want to be free.

Unholy relationships must be renounced from the past and brought to light, when confessed the Lord will heal those oppressed and then the same will be used in a very powerful way.

Christian life is a Holy Life!

Many want to have the power of God but little desire for His Holiness. They still want sin in their lives.

A year of intense fellowship and communion with the Lord! For those who say “yes” to all of Jesus will experience him in a very special way!

Don’t stand on a false foundation, be on a sure foundation! Jesus our cornerstone and rock of ages!

A fresh wind of discernment is going to blow on the body of Christ, get ready to break down the walls of deception and uncover hidden truths of the Holy Spirit.

I see like a mast being opened, layers removed to see the complete truth, what looked real will now begin to look fake, a new vision, a new unification is going to come on the body, get way from self-exalted ministers.

Stay away from Pride and Jealousy. Head knowledge will take you nowhere, we need Holy Ghost revelation!

A Year in which the peace makers will take prominent positions and create a synergy of peace in families and organizations.

A time of re-focusing for many pioneers of faith your limitation will be broken and new era of breakthrough. This will be a year of great comeback, get ready for a comeback, not just a comeback but a turn around.

There will be cyber wars in the planet, technology will breakout, medical science is going to boom.

A new trend in world culture will rise, however in midst of this the church will rise up to take new platform of ongoing exploitation to the enemies’ kingdom. Get ready for strategic placing in market places for ministers.

 2012 is a year of God’s Greatness!

God will fill you and fulfill all your desires.

A year of action!

Undercover agents will rise for the Lord!

A group of people will be so insulated from the influence of the enemy, who will work in Market places to be a great impact and change!!

A great re-union in families and ministries! Prophetic call is coming upon this generation, rapid distribution of gifts and action!

Targeted visions and mission works will rise in the body of Christ.

Age of miracles will return, God will be glorified, through direct confrontation with the demonic; God will step into the deepest hour!

God will use even the foolish ones; even the most stupid mistakes of weak believers will be used for His Glory.

God is sovereign! Restoration of authority, use your God given authority and reign over the nations!

The Lord will re-align you to be used in an unprecedented manner; you will not leak but will be power packed!

2 Sam 23:3

God has raised up Men and women in the final hours! these don’t care the confrontation with the enemy but their eyes are on the victory of Lord Jesus which is ours through the blood and the cross. Gospel the power of God!

Some of us are still believing lies. Some of us don’t even know who we are!

Don’t get weary at all in doing what God has called you to do. Leadership is all about giving or preparing others for a blessing.

Stand and fight, for the Lord will give you victory, for the Lord is on your side!

God did not bring you so far to leave you! You shall not fail; you shall take over the enemy!

The Lord shall bring you forth and set your feet upon a rock!

The devil will not have us, will not have our family, our children, devil will not have any one of us!

In all thats going to happen remember, GOD is faithful!

I declare over your lives that God is your security! GOD IS YOUR SECURITY! He loves you so much that His only begotten son JESUS CHRIST had to bleed for us, there is life in the Blood!

Find out God’s security for your lives through the given promise scriptures. I encourage you to read them and bask in God’s presence!

God be with you in 2012, a year of God’s Greatness and action.


Scripture References: 

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 What have you been hearing from God about 2012?