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We are all seeking and searching for something within; and this constant search to know why we exist will never end, until we find out the purpose of our very existence.

We were created for a purpose and until that purpose is met, we can never be at peace with ourselves!

Sometimes we think our purpose is in the external things like our career, marriage, etc. But the truth is, even after these needs are met, one can still be void inside, living life day by day and thinking this is all life really has in store for me. The problem is we don’t know ourselves in the first place; who is the real me? Is it my skin colour, how I appear, or is it more than these things?

You are more than skin and bones, the real you is not just your outer appearance, you have a life that was given to you from above from God Himself.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 1:5a “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”.

Something to really understand here, the One Who made you, knows who you really are! Believe me your Creator knows you!

The Word of God tells us, even before our very substance was formed in our mother’s womb, even before our parents met, God knew us. He finished knowing our end from the beginning, and He knows each one of us and the very purpose of our existence.

This is the Truth the devil always tries to hide from you!

You were primarily created to be a Son and a Daughter for your Heavenly Father, nothing less than this!

We belong to the One who created us. Today God wants to be our Father and He alone can reveal to us who we really are! We really can’t have this revelation and relationship, without becoming His children!

God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to build His relationship with us like that of a Father and Son, to show us how valuable and precious we are for Him.

The Bible says God gave His Son, He gave! My brothers and sisters, He didn’t make an exchange or make a deal based on how good, how talented or how worthy we are to have this relationship with Him! He overlooked our sinfulness and gave His Son as a ransom sacrifice for our redemption.

God did this so that we can become His children and He our Father! This relationship is the primary purpose of our existence!

I just want to take a moment here and speak these words over your life! You are not just a thing; you are a life given by God and created for His awesome purpose. God has a plan and a purpose for your life; you are precious, valuable and worthy to have a relationship with Him. God will never leave you nor forsake you; no matter what has happened in your past it doesn’t matter for Jesus to fix your present! You are right now in His mind and that’s why you are reading this! He is God and your Redeemer lives! He shall have the last word over your life; it will not be what the enemy says or wants; it shall be that what the Lord my God speaks over your life! In the Mighty name of Jesus I loose you from every shackles of the enemy! You are free right now in Jesus’ name! Believe in His name and receive your touch right now in Jesus’ name! That depression is leaving you right now in Jesus’ name! Jesus Christ died for you!

Your Father God loves you! Amen!