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This is a burning question running in my mind from the past few days.

Often when we visit a sick person, we as preachers we want the sick person to have the faith to get healed, which is in a way true, I don’t deny the fact that faith is the substance that enables one to reach out and receive a miracle in the name of Jesus. But I was stirred up when I recently read the first miracle in the book of ACTS chapter 3, the account of the lame beggar at the gate called Beautiful.

The lame beggar never imagined that this day he would walk like everyone else; he was lame from birth. He had never experienced walking his whole life! What marvels me is that he never expected or saw his miracle coming! It was his usual day of begging. But Heaven came in contact with his life because two men of God walking with Jesus in the Holy Spirit passed by him. The more exciting part is he begged for money to support his usual living, being lame was his vocation from birth. He neither had the faith nor the expectation to receive anything beyond the natural on his own!

Now the greatest thing is that the apostles actually initiated the miracle not the lame man! All the lame beggar did was receive by giving his attention! Wow! Miracles happen in our lives, when we give undivided attention to the Word of the Lord!

He received the strength that was due from his birth. Are there things due in your life?All it takes is to come in contact with Jesus and give undivided worship to Him! When that happens you will be transformed from a beggar to a praise giver.

We bring glory to God when we from nothing become something, when we from our mourning begin dancing in the presence of Jesus! This beggar became a praise giver and a testimony carrier; to show to the world what Jesus did for him! Hallelujah!

And it all began because two men filled with the Holy Spirit walked next to a lame beggar in the hour of Prayer and proclaimed the resurrection power of Jesus Christ!

Today we can have an unusual day when we proclaim and allow others to come in contact with the Jesus we carry inside of us! It’s faith in the name of Jesus that healed the lame man, not Peter’s own power or godliness! Peter said it himself clearly in Acts 3:12, that it had nothing to do with him, it was all due to the faith that flowed through the name of Jesus. From Jesus flows the faith, the power and resurrection.

On whom are we depending today? Let us throw away our strengths and cling to Jesus in total surrender. Let’s be lame with our self-strength and be filled with the Holy Ghost power, Who brings the resurrection power in Jesus’ name.

How do you think we can radically impact this generation?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Much love and prayers,