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It was past midnight when a friend and I had to go into the kitchen of the campsite where we were having a three-day conference. I confidently put the lights on and walked across the kitchen to the counter where I had left the box of our midnight stock of coffee and tea. I reached the counter, got the box in my arms, turned around, and that’s when my friend still standing at the door looked at me and asked: ” Aren’t you scared of cockroaches?” as I was thinking what a random question to ask, my eyes looked down, and what do you know, the kitchen floor was swarming with gigantic enormous cockroaches.

I shuddered to even think that I had just walked across that same floor in my bare feet! (The campsite had a unique rule: no shoes inside!) Now, box in my arms, on my return trip, I jumped over the cockroaches till I reached the door again, safely out of any further danger of creepy crawly insects touching me.

That’s when it hit me; I was so glad that I didn’t pay attention to the cockroaches at the start of my journey, before I had got the box of goodies in my arms. Why? Well, I know if I had given my attention to the cockroaches, I would have either, A. taken double the time to get across the kitchen or B. chickened out of even attempting it.

And this is exactly what happens in life.

We all have goals ahead of us. Goals and dreams we need to accomplish in our lives. But along the way the devil sends these ‘cockroaches’ to distract us.
The ‘cockroaches’ can come in many forms, as insecurities, fears, rumours, peer pressure, anything and everything to take our focus off the prize.

The devil wants to distract us from the path ahead, and he will use any method.
Don’t be distracted by the things around you, no matter how much they scream for attention. Keep your eyes focused on the prize ahead and push on!

Put the blinders on and don’t look to the right or to the left!
You have a purpose in life! Don’t be distracted from it!

“Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3: 13-14)

PRAY: Lord, make us super focused like Elijah, to tuck in our cloaks and run towards the goal! (1 Kings 18:46)

God bless you as you reach ahead!!

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