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Everyday we are exposed to so many things around us which can influence us either in a good way or in an evil way. One quality of a strong child of God is that they don’t allow themselves to be influenced by the evil outside, but rather they influence the outside world with the good they carry, they allow the Holy Spirit inside them to manifest outside.


Think about this scripture, “Greater is He that’s in me than he that is in the world,” (1John 4:4)  which means we should project the greater one – God in us to effect the world outside us! We are called to be revivalists and carriers of God!

We all find ourselves in environments that can be at times more than challenging, but  did you know we have the power to influence the atmosphere we live in and not get tormented by the oppression in the air! The Word of God calls satan the prince of the power of the air, and he works in the sons of disobedience. (Ephesians 2:2)

So what should we, the sons of obedience, who walk with our heavenly Father do?

We can be weather changers! We can talk to our atmosphere! Speak and declare change and transform it by disturbing the prince of the air and vandalise his territory by terrorising the devil and breaking his airwaves!

Elijah is one man who changed the climate he lived in! He spoke what he wanted into existence; he was a weather changer, he prayed rain back into drought. In the way we live, our atmosphere around us will respond. For a land to prosper, good weather is required, for everything from cultivation of crops and fruit, is dependent on the weather.

Sometimes the atmosphere in our office, college, and home can be very challenging; in times like these we need to exercise our God given authority to bring a change. Take this simple example, we need to be like the tea bag which changes the hot water around it, instead of the egg which gets changed by the hot water!

How can we do this?

1. Speak to your atmosphere only what you want to see manifest

2. You can change the outside only if you carry something different inside – practise carrying and honouring the Holy Spirit in everything you do

3. Create an atmosphere in you before you speak it out. The world that is inside of you is the world that you will manifest outside of you!

4. You can build your inner world by praise & worship, Word & prayer

5. Praise and worship enables us to speak God into our atmosphere by direct proclamation and declaration of God’s Word in majesty, reminding the devil again and again the truth of God that prevails over our lives and the victory that was won on the cross!

6. Consuming the Word does a deep work of cleansing, sanctifying and restoring of what is within

7. Prayer helps us to stay more closer and connected to God

You can start doing this even this hour! Read your bible regularly, pray and then begin to declare Jesus over your atmosphere and surroundings and see your mountains move in Jesus’ mighty name!

How have you in the past changed the environment around you? Share your thoughts on how we can change our weather, I would love to hear from you.