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Recently my bank sent me a gentle reminder telling me in short: sorry Lady you’re 27 this year and why do you still have a student account?                                                                                                                                                                        And so I had to rush to the bank and change my account before they freeze it. I wish I could have  reasoned with them and told them I plan to be a student all my life, but I was pretty sure my argument wouldn’t win against policies.                                                                                                                  That’s when I got thinking. The world gives us a time frame of when it is acceptable to be a student. There is an accepted age, after which the fact you are still studying is more than a bit unusual. But I disagree, I plan to be a student all my life.                                                                                                    And now I don’t mean just to attach some degrees behind my name, but I mean I desire to always have a heart that is willing to learn. A heart that is mouldable and pliable in my Father’s hands. A heart that that is willing to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn and learn. A heart that will not get puffed up in knowledge but one that is willing to learn from others. A heart that will live life not with the attitude of knowing it all, but with the attitude to always learn. To always be a student.                                                                                                     Is it time we change our attitude? Have we grown up so much that we are unwilling to be taught? Let’s always having a learning heart. The more we open up our hearts to receive, the more we will receive.                                            “For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding;” Proverbs 2:6 (ESV)                                                                     God bless you, Praying that we will ever have a learning heart! Tell me your thoughts, love to hear from you!