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       I moved half way across the world at the age of 19, and learned to do just about everything on my own. In living alone, in travelling alone, in doing it all alone I had become strong in my own strength. I was confident I could do anything set before me, I could handle anything; alone. I had become what the world tells us to be, independent and strong.And I thought that was a good thing. But today I realised God does not want me strong in myself, He wants me to be strong with His strength.                                                                        Sometimes, or more accurately most times, we have no idea how God is moulding us daily. We are unaware of it, that is until we retrospect. That’s what happened to me as I travelled the trans-Atlantic route that I had travelled so many times before, I realised I had changed. I was no longer the girl who tells the world, bring it on, I can handle anything, but I found myself telling God, I cannot go unless Your presence goes before me.                                                         And I thought of Moses, the first time he left Egypt, he left in his own strength. But the second time he left, he told God, I will not go alone unless Your presence goes before me. His encounter with God had changed him forever, he realised his own strength was not enough.                                         God has to strip us of our independence to truly walk with Him, dependent on Him.                                                                                                            I can relate this to a marriage, in a marriage, two independent people come together, but only when they are stripped of their independence can they truly be dependent on each other; and can they learn to function as one. We are created to function with God as one.We are created to be dependent people. Dependent on each other and dependent on God.                      I have been happily married since the past two years.And since the past two years God has been refining me, like only He can.                                                    With marriage the world around me changed, it was a new city, a language I could not understand, and a way of life that was very foreign to me. Simple things I could do on my own earlier, became challenging. I couldn’t drive myself anywhere, I couldn’t travel alone because of the language barrier, and all things I used to do on my own, had to be a team effort with my husband. Initially it was difficult to wait for my husband to be free for even the smallest of errands. But as the days went by I realised the truth in what the Bible says, that two are better than one. (Ecclesiastes 4:9) God stripped me of my independence so that I could walk with my husband in agreement and in submission.                                                                          And only now, two years later can I actually see what God had been up to all this time. He had been using every situation that to me was frustrating and challenging to mould me and make me like how He desired me to be.                                                                                                                                                         Child of God I want to encourage you today, we can only have the strength to fulfil the call on our life when we learn to walk with God each day. When we learn to be dependent on Him and lean on Him for the smallest of details. God called Gideon “A mighty man of valour”, not because of Gideon’s strength, but only because the Lord was with him each step.                                                                                                                                              Let us each rise up to the calling to be mighty men and women of God who walk with our God each day!                                        Be blessed and keep us in your prayers during this time of transition as we go where God is sending us.                                                                                   ‘The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor” Judges 6: 12