Soaking in Myrrh

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Soaking in Myrrh

Her time of preparation took one year. And I read about it in less than a second. Then I stopped and realized what I had just read.

Being queen didn’t look so appealing to me. Yes, having hired hands every second of the day and the best wardrobe in the known world is a little tempting to any girl. But count in the days and years of loneliness and the prospect of being just an object of satisfaction and I’m sure Esther felt the same, as I did, no thanks!

For one year she was separated from everyone she loved.

She found herself, just her and God. I wonder if she questioned God, I wonder if she felt like getting up and getting out. I wonder if at any point did she realize what God was preparing her for. Our time of preparation is the hardest time one can go through.

Like in baking we are kneaded, we are stretched, we are pulled, until, until that time we reach just the right consistency. And then don’t forget the hot oven. Baking is never complete without the hot oven. But once the finished product comes out, all the work and pain become worth it.

So today I want to encourage you, don’t give up during your preparation time. Don’t give in. It is for a purpose. Your are being skill fully crafted by the Master craftsman. He knows what He is doing.

He is teaching you to walk with Him.
Then only will you be ready to walk for Him.

Know this, after the bitter waters of myrrh you will shine for His glory!

“-after being twelve months under the regulations for the women, since this was the regular period of their beautifying, six months with oil of myrrh and six months with spices and ointments for women” (Esther 2:12b)

  • Oscar Varghese

    Thanks Chethan. Needed to be reminded of this today.

  • KennethmyJesus

    Encouraging post sis…..Imparts strength!

    • Nimmy Henry

      Praise God! thank you Kenneth!

  • Esther

    Amen. Really beautiful post, Chechi !! GOD Bless You !!

    • Nimmy Henry

      Thank you Esther! God bless you sis!