Prophecy for 2014: The Year of Supernatural Accomplishment

Prophecy for 2014: The Year of Supernatural Accomplishment

Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Chethan, Featured

Prophecy for 2014: The Year of Supernatural Accomplishment

If the things you expected haven’t happened and you have remained stagnant last year, read on, for 2014 is going to be a year of Supernatural accomplishment!

Life is all about choices and shifting gears at the right time. There are times you need to pull back, refocus and step out again. What you could not do on your own; God will do because He is God! This is the time to move from the natural to the supernatural!

While many of us focus on the donkey that carried Jesus, the real point is this: the Creator who formed that donkey is the same who appointed that one-day that donkey would carry Him. It is God who called that donkey at that specific appointed time-the kairos of God. I am certain that this year some unused donkeys are about to be called and used, and that too supernaturally.

Get ready your appointed time; the ‘kairos’ of God is coming.

Stop looking back and look ahead for what you are about to see is unlike anything you have ever seen. The one who is on the throne is getting ready with your kairos- your set appointed time for your manifestation into the supernatural things of God.

The rod of authority is being stretched forth, and the dams are breaking over your spiritual drought. You have waited through pains and strains but now the delivery is coming.

It going to be a new phase, a new outlook, and a new walk.

Everything will change.

But adaption for the things of God is required. Not many are used to the supernatural so we need to begin to expect it, talk about it, and pursue it, for we need to accustom our gears to shift to the supernatural. Training is the key.

The spiritual drought in our country will be quenched, by an army of young Jesus lovers rising in 2014!

Your failures will be transformed to victory this 2014 in Jesus name!

Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; And light shall shine upon thy ways Job 22:28

To understand your transition from 2013 to 2014-the year of accomplishment, watch the video below and receive a word from God.



  • sam


    • Chethan Henry

      God bless you Sam!

  • nda

    Dear Brother I have seen your link in Guarding the Heart Blog and visited your site and saw the prophecy for the year 2014,Well then I have a simple doubt that can I conclude that our GOD JESUS is not coming for the 2nd time in this year.

  • nda

    please do reply

    • Chethan Henry

      Dear bro, Its a great question and i see your heart’s willingness to know this.

      The bible clearly says no one knows the time or the hour in which our Lord Jesus Christ will return except the Father Himself!

      So, our main focus should not be when the Lord Jesus would return but how we can be prepared everyday and every hour.

      Fear of rapture or second coming should never motivate us to seek God, we must seek God because we are His children and we commune with our Father everyday.

      Irrespective of when the Lord will come as a believer and child of God we should be ready for our flight! be it through rapture or death or anything.

      The above prophecy focuses on how we can impact our earthy stay along with the Holy Spirit’s kingdom agenda on earth. In meantime if the Lord calls us home, it will be joyful to be Home!

      God bless you dear brother.

  • nda

    thankyou bro