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Welcome to Prophetic Voice Today, this is a video blog section where you can watch weekly sermons and receive prayer and prophetic words as you connect with us over You Tube video channel Prophetic Voice Today. You can also subscribe to these videos by clicking on the subscribe button.

The Secret Sauce!

Click the link below for video


God’s hidden marching orders!


Changing Season

Baptism by Fire – Prophet Chethan Henry –

Ablaze Canada


Being Led by the Spirit – Canada Ablaze


Healing video Clips from Goa meetings

Open Heavens Mumbai 2014

Pastor Chethan teaches on entering your “Kairos” An appointed time! Getting into your season with God.

Reintroducing the Holy Spirit

Pastor Chethan Henry ministering at Ambernath Ablaze, “Reintroducing the Holy Spirit” on October 19, 2013.

Defining your identity

A short clip from a message shared by Pst. Chethan at Baldwin’s Methodist College about defining your identity from God. Listen to this quick clip and be blessed as you defeat the enemy from overtaking your thought life.

The Strength to fulfil your call

Nimmy Henry shares a very convicting message from the life of some mighty men of God from the bible, their testimonies should inspire us to walk into the calling of God in our lives.
God gives us the strength to fulfil the call irrespective of what we feel and where are right now. its time to rise up in the might of the Lord. Watch this message for some real insights from the word of God.

Destiny Calling

God has already put His call, purpose and anointing inside of you but it gets manifested when you come in contact with knowing of that call and reality over your life through a spirit revelation! Prophecy when inspired by the Holy Spirit will give us a spirit revelation and awaken the call of God in our life, thats what happened with David, check this video to understand more and receive prayer at the end!

How to have a Personal Revival?

What is personal revival? It’s actually encountering Jesus personally on a one on one basis. There are many personally revivals in the bible. where lives got changed forever, today, we must and should have a personal revival. Everybody prays for a corporate revival, but it first begins with the individual.

Watch this message on how we can position to encounter Jesus in a very personal way.

Are you lost?

We know many times, in our life’s journey, we miss our paths and feel lost and unable to get back into the Lord’s presence, whether you are in that place or not, but the Lord wants you to hear this, today His unfailing Love is going to locate you and get you back into His Presence, The Lord will not give up until you are found in Him. If you are feeling you are in a place of no return I want you to watch this.

You are a channel of Restoration!

Restoration is not an activity which begins from outside factors, it is something that begins when the Holy Spirit comes upon an individual and they become channels of restoration by receiving the power to restore. The disciples of Jesus asked the Lord when will you restore the kingdom to Israel? but Jesus answered and said it is not for us to know the times and reasons which are in Father’s authority but you shall receive power. Today let’s commit our lives to allow the Holy Spirit to come upon us and lets become a channel of restoration.

Get back to the mountain of GOD!

Moses had to get into the mountain of God. In other words, he got into a place in his prayer, in his walk with God. Today the transit between your wilderness and getting into the purpose of your life becomes clear when you meet your God Lord in your prayer closet. That is your moment with destiny!

Spiritual Food

In the natural if we consume junk food, we wont have place to fill ourselves with the real good, nutritious food! Its the same in the spiritual, we will never be hungry if we are already full with junk food, to hunger and go after God, we need watch our appetite and consumption. Daniel knew that If he will manage his appetite and consumption, he could determine his future.

Hear Pst. Chethan Henry share this powerful spiritual principal in New Beginnings Church Bangalore